Top Three Awesome Things this past week. . .

1.  I signed up for this house party…was not chosen.  😦    However, in the mail on Monday was a $ 100 coupon from Keurig for this brewer.  Happy Birthday to me, my new Keurig should arrive any day for a cost of only $ 50.00.   I have only turned into a regular coffee drinker in the past month or so.  Can’t wait for it to arrive, I have already purchased my coffee supply, now I just need the brewer.

2. The cutest little zombies, ever!  Dressed up for spirit week at school.  Yes, zombie day is an eyebrow raiser but they did have a rule of no blood.

Two little zombies and a zombie ferret

Two little zombies and a zombie ferret

3.  Hooray, I am back to blogging, after a year and half rest.



We are hosting a mommy bird and her soon to be hatched babies.  I believe the eggs belong to a Blue Bird.   The nest was built in our flowering pear tree.  Can’t wait to see them hatch!

Blue Bird Eggs

Photo Challenge – Breakfast

Playing catch up with the challenge… this picture was taken by the hubby after we finished eating breakfast at a “new to us” local diner… the food was simple and good, the atmosphere homey and the waitress was very friendly. This is also an hour or two before our lives would change forever and we would adopt our first dog, Chico!


Breakfast, the most important meal of the day…

Photo Challenge – Nature

If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere.  ~Vincent Van Gogh

In late fall my girl shook a little tree we have in the parkway until this abandoned bird next fell out.  She proudly gave it to me. It had been through a couple of days of below freezing weather but I still sat it in the oven in a low heat temp for about 30 min to kill any little creatures that may still be living in it.  It now sits in our living room under glass.  I love my bird nest, what wonderful engineers birds are.


Photo Challange Jan 29 – Inside My Fridge

Let’s see what is in here tonight…

Parmesan Cheese

Apple Juice for the kiddos (they drink it very sparingly now days – I still water it down when they drink it too!)

Extra Milk that will not fit in the door

Oh, left over cheese sticks I made for the kiddos tonight.  Egg Roll Wrappers around a cheese stick baked, not fried, yummy!

An Atkins milkshake.eggs, sugar free jello and whipped cream all part of my Low Carb diet plan. oh, and don’t forget my 1/2 and 1/2 for my tea.  You can see  a spaghetti squash  and cauliflower too!

Bottom, cheese and meat drawer… pepperoni and tortillas can be seen in the front there.


That’s what is in the fridge tonight!



Photo A Day Challenge

I am late to the party but I was reading tonight that Chantelle over at fat mum has organized a photo a day challenge, see more here.

So anyway, I have decided to follow along and try to get caught up the best I can…

So here goes, here is my first post for Jan 1 – a picture of myself with my best friend on New Years!  I am wearing the blue scarf…

Scrabble Sunday

Today we played our first official Family game of Scrabble.  Little girl found it boring but hung in there, both kiddos needed a little help but overall except for listening to the whining (ha, ha) I had fun!   This is what we ended up with:

I ended up winning, little girl second, daddy third and the boy came in last by three points.  Some tears were shed over that one, I think someone was overtired by this weekends activities.

I have let them know this will become a  Sunday afternoon tradition, we will see if that holds true.

It has also inspired me to work on my game board wall in our family room.   Once I get it done will post pictures.  In the meantime I am working on a large terrarium. Will post more on that soon too!

Guess who came up with nag?

Does your family enjoy scrabble?  What ages did your kiddos really get into it?

So anyway, till next time…. Beth

365 Project

Going to try to create a 365 project to capture the everyday moments that make up our life…hope to spur some of my creativity and grow in my photography skills as well.

So anyway today’s moments were captured during the 6 evening hour.


Mr. Dad filling out school paperwork - Gotta love the oversized Spiderman pen and the girl playing in the background!

Play time

Snack Break

Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent, and independent with a tremendous spirit of adventure and a love of play.

Henri Matisse
French painter