Hello world!

Image designer: The Maltese Scrapper/Bonnie Carter

My First Blog entry, ever. I hope this blog will help chronicle my family’s everyday life, special moments and all things I find of interest. I have been reading blogs now for about a year, you really could say it is an addiction. As my blogging experinece and knowledge grows I will share my favorites and which blog got me started on discovering the wonderful world of blogging.

For today I will share my goals of 2009; I really do not do resolutions as resolutions are doomed to be broken usually. Goals gives you something to shoot for and as long as you are working towards them you really do not “fail” at them.

1. Organize and Declutter the house
I will donate monthly to our church’s thrift store, while getting rid of the clutter which seems to multiply like bunnies.

2. Read the Bible in one year
Our church has this goal for this year. . . I did not buy the Chronological Bible they were selling, figured my Bible will do just fine as long as I get the daily scripture reading. (Helps with my goal to be more frugle as well.)

3. Date night with hubby @ least once/month

4. Scrapbook @ least one day/month

5. Organize our digital photos

6. To weigh less this time next year as I do today

7. Make a meal plan, stick to it and try to save money on groceries

8. Intentional planned activities with the kiddos – sometimes I feel like we have no plan so we don’t do all the things we could with them. I know unplanned time is just as good, if not better, sometimes. I have to be careful not to plan too much . . . which I have done in the past which leads to overload, esp. for the hubby.

9. Learn to knit or crochet

10. Start allowance system for the kiddos – Read more of Dave Ramsey web site and book.

11. Finish Pantry organization and hang shelves in Laundry room to better store craft supplies

12. Complete at least one craft or home improvement project a month

So, anyway today the plan is to have friends over for a late lunch early dinner. Think we will order Chinese. The kiddos will enjoy Chicken Nuggets as they have not embraced Chinese food. For appetizer I am making Texas Caviar, a salsa type dip made with blackeyed peas(good luck for the new year!) and desert inc. brownies with cream cheese frosting (If kiddos don’t eat all of them before the frosting gets on) and german chocolate cupcakes.

New Year's Desert

New Year's Desert


I painted our back door to the garage in black chalkboard paint a couple of weeks ago, I did not reveal that the paint is really chalkboard paint until today. Right now hubby and kiddos are enjoying writing and drawing on the board. Hubby teaching the kids how to make a calendar. 🙂

Happy New Year and may God bless us all with happiness and good health in this coming year.




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