Art Work

So much for doing an entry every day… and a picture everyday…

Kids were back to school this week and it was a very busy work week for me. I actually have to work tonight, Saturday, too. This morning hubby took kids to gymnastics to allow me some time at home. So far I a have picked up downstairs, did a little upstairs and went through one paper pile. Our weakness, every piece of paper that finds it’s way into our house, outlast it’s welcome sitting in one of many various piles waiting to be gone through and get rid of.

One thing I started today was taking pictures of art work of the kids so that we can get rid of the bigger pieces. I hope to start on a creating a new frame to hang the kids art work on … stay tuned for that … it will include the use of chicken wire.

My boy, he does not like art much this year is much better than in the past. Here I think is his abstract of the ocean with a fish in it.

By the boy, age 7

By the boy, age 7

Equal time for the girl’s art work;

A cup of hot chocolate


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