Sunday Happenings

So anyway today,

We went to church and then the kids talked us in to taking them to Rock Rococo’s for lunch. Would have had some pics but the camera not charged. 😦 For those of you who don’t know Rocky Rococo’s is like a tween version of Chucky Cheese. They have the games but not any little kid rides. Also, they have a movie theater, they were playing KungFu Panda so we saw the last 30 min or so of the move. We had not seen it before but pretty much know the story line by seeing that part of it. The big winner today was Josh with over 300 tickets “won” – I actually won 100 of them for him. So his big prize was a Pirate Sword adn Patch. Will go great with him .99 Ninja Halloween custome for next halloween we picked up at Joann Fabrics during their Black Friday sale.

We were able to do our first web cam chat with far away family today. The kiddos found it much fun and very exciting. It is their aunt’s birthday to day, so we were all able to sing her Happy Birthday and then listen to the kiddos yell and whisper into the microphone, as well as see them make faces at each other.

In case Aunti T is looking up the blog here is a special piece of art work complete by little miss at school right before Christmas break. Her teacher wrote who the people in the picture are.

In case you can not see it the person far off to the left is her “cousin far away”. It feels good to know that even though the kiddos are seperated by alot of miles and do not get to see each other very often they are still in their hearts and mind.

It warmed up today and yesterday, in the 20’s. The kiddos had snow days last Thursday and Friday, not due to snow but due to the bitter cold temps. I think it is suppossed to get above freezing this week.

Have a happy week!



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