Menu Plan Monday


So anyway, I know I have not been posting much but the same time I started this going I also was pulled in to Facebook and I have been hopping around blogland as usual. So the time to do the posts has been used up elsewhere. I am so happy that I have actually received visitors, be sure to leave a comment so I can get to know you better.

On to todays post. Hubby helped me create the plan for this week. We made it while eating at Red Robin after church yesterday. It is little man’s favorite resturant and the time it took for him to gobble up that hamburger is truely amazing. This from a kid who use to take an hour to eat and that was with much conjoling . .

I have started once again on my Atkins diet but still cook with carbs for the family. Also, another battle I have with dinner planning is that I work 2nd shift and the food has to be pretty easy for hubby to put together (He is NOT a kitchen loving man) or I can cook a bit ahead of time. I use the crockpot quite a bit, but hubby complaines most meat comes out dryer than he likes. If any one has any tips for me given my dilemas please let me know.

Sunday: Popcorn and Apples (we were still stuffed from Red Robin)

Monday: Pizza Quesadillas – hubby version of pepperoni and cheese on soft taco bread

Tuesday: Grilled Cheese and Tomato soup (kiddos favorite dinner)

Wednesday: (Not working tonight) Spaghetti and garlic bread

Thursday: Hot dogs

Friday: Homemade Pizza

Veggis are added from what we have on hand… kids are pretty picky and as we were making up the list away from home kept it pretty simple. For more menu ideas check out:

I hope everyone has a great week.



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