Extreme Makeover

Amber @ http://amberfilkins.blogspot.com/ is having a link up support group for those of us trying to improve ourselves by becoming more healthy, for me that means losing weight. I found her site through my aimless blog hopping ways but intend to make this a regular part of my blogging time.

Anyway, I have on and off (mostly off) been trying to lose weight since last October. I did manage to lose 10 lbs and have not regained it (not for lack of sabatoging myself though).

I am proud of myself this week though, I was able to keep to my intentions of going to my gym and working out for a good 30 min a day. Usually I do 3000 steps on a stair climber and I am slowly working up my time on an eliptical.

On Wednesday, the day I did not work out I did take my son and his friend to bedtime books at our library, well thanks to daylight savings time it is now bright and sunny at 7PM so after the reading we went out and played at the park for 30 minutes. I was proud that I was able to run all around the place while playing hide and go seek with them without getting winded.

Today, instead of sitting around or cleaning the house, after seeing how nice it was outside (mid 50’s and sunny) we trecked off to the zoo. We did quite a bit of walking and I was able to keep up with the kiddos and hubby, without getting tired or feeling out of breath like I would have in the past.

So, my goal now is to do some sort of exercising every day. And I have to get the diet thing going again… so tonight finding Heather’s blog will be my inspiration to stay true to my goals.



5 thoughts on “Extreme Makeover

  1. Thanks for following along! It’s never too late!! And I think it’s great to celebrate every little success. Props to you for running around at the park! And trekking around at the zoo. That’s definitely considered exercise! I need to do that tomorrow!

  2. Thanks for the visit and the encouragement. Your hubby is lucky to have you, encouraging him to travel without you and the rest of the family… I am much too dependent on my hubby and he knows it; plus I am little bit of a scaredy cat and hate sleeping in the house without him, even tried to bribe my friends into a slumber party the last time he was going to be out of town overnight.

  3. so I see that the button is under reconstruction, so to speak, so maybe it was nothing I was doing wrong?
    Hope you had good weather and wonderful day – did you make it to the zoo?

  4. Going to the zoo…what a great way to get exercise. It’s nice to get healthy while having family time as well. Two birds with one stone…….way to go girl. Wishing you the very best!!!!!!!!!!!

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