Easter Sunday

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So anyway on Easter we stayed home rather than do the extended family get together with hubby’s parents and other relatives. Being the unorganized person I am and seeing that my kiddos are so picky that they would only want to eat grilled cheese sandwiches I did not prepare a meal plan ahead of time.

So in the car on the way to church I said something to hubby like, what do you want to eat today? Given the sunny weather for the first time like in 6 months (ok I am exaggerating, there have been at least 6 other sunny days) the hubby said, “Let’s grill out – steak” .

So forget the Easter HAM, we had Easter Filet Mignon. Hubby grilled it and it was delish. The kiddos ate a little of it but mostly ate the mac and cheese and the hotdogs we grilled out for them.

The Easter bunny had brought one basket for them to share most of the stuff in it. Some of the loot included Pokemon cards, the Pixo (like aqua dot) machine and a Barbie movie. They each got a chocolate rabbit too, which to this day remains untouched.

Late in the afternoon, we had an Easter Egg hunt outside. Here is the great thing about that we left the eggs empty. Our kids just love searching out the eggs. So no candy around the house for us to eat and kiddos probably would not have ate much of it anyway.

At the end and trying to take pictures for them, they just erupted into little terroists, hitting and yelling at each other. So off to time out for both of them. The sleeping picture of the princess is how she was in less that 5 min of time out. . . Little Man did not take it so well and proceeded to make a mess (which he did clean up) with his Easter grass (I should have snapped a picture of that but was too bury disciplining him.

The picture of princess crying (2nd row down, 1 pic) is because little man would run too fast and get the eggs before her

And the other thing to point out in the photos. .. did you see little man’s mohawk… Being that it was spring break we humored him for a bit. . . the mohawk only last through Moday.


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