Thrift Store Finds

Thanks to my addiction to blog surfing some to the wonderful decoration blogs out in blog land I decided to stop by our local thrift store to see what amazing bargains I might be able to find. One of my blogs for thrift store finds is Rhoda at On Monday I will be linking up this post to her fabulous blog party, Today’s Thrifty Treasures… I have a way to go in the fabulousness of decorating with the thrift finds but thanks to my blog surfing I have a couple of projects which will be keeping me busy this summer.

Ok the Gymboree skirts for Princess. The first one is her favorite color, yellow and the second one she will love as with the tulle it will be perfect princess skirt for her. Since she still loaths pants and shorts for the most part I need skirts and dresses for her that a play clothes.

The corbels, I am thinking needs a little spray paint. . . I am thinking ivory and then distress a little bit so some of the gold tones pops through … these babies, I think, are destined to our master bedroom.

The picture frame… I am hoping will be great to keep on my vanity to hang my earrings from. . .

And the silver platters, can anyone see a project coming soon with chalkboard paint??

I do want to order me some of these though: chalkboard pens

I think I will gifting one of the platters to a good friend who after seeing my chalk board door borrowed my reamaining paint to do something similiar but her hubby put the kabosh on any chalk board paint being painted on any part of the house.

Have a good thrify weekend… Hopefully next week I will get around to posting my garage sale buys from found at our neighborhood garage sale last week. Some great bargains were made…

Edited to add: Rhoda’s button – Hop on over to her place to find other great found treasures.


8 thoughts on “Thrift Store Finds

  1. Thank you for finding my “Westby” blog post (how DID you find it btw?) and leaving me a comment. Too bad you AREN’T Westby as that would be a mystery solved!!!

    I am a Wisconsin native who has been transplanted to Indiana via South Carolina and North Carolina!!! Wisconsin still flows in my blood.

    Hope you return to my little corner of the blogworld.

  2. Ok, let’s try this again… in middle of my reply my browser crashed. Yes, I am within a 20 min. commute to Mad town. We moved up here from Central Il and before that Chicagoland.

    Let’s see I found you by surfing from SouthernHospitality thrifty post to Leigh @ Blogerritaville to the link to your post.

    Thanks for visiting. Will visit again. ..

  3. I love seeing what everyone has found in their treasure hunting. And it is a bonus when we are told what the plans are for such items. Thanks for sharing yours.

  4. This is my first visit here, but I will be back soon, because I really like the way you are writing, it is so simple and honest

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