Chicken Wire Memo Board

Chicken Wire Memo Board

Chicken Wire Memo Board

Close up of the chicken wire

Close up of the chicken wire

This is the finished project of two different ideas I have been playing around with for the last year or so, totally inspired by the bloggy world. I have seen wonderful inspiration boards made with a cork board and fabric as well as memo boards made out of chicken wire.

Here is what I did… had ugly brown cork memo board sitting unused in basement. I am not really a fabric person as I can not sew, but I do scrapbook and love all the printed papers. But you really can’t cover a corkboard with paper and then proceed with punching holes in the paper, it just would not last long and leave ugly holes in your paper when you took something down.

I also had bought a roll of chicken wire which was going to be a stand alone inspiration board and use it to hang jewelry in my mstr. bedroom closet. .. I still might do that with some of the left over.

However, I had taken down a string which I had used to hang the kiddos artwork and wanted something a bit more sophisticated using the chicken wire. The first idea to use an old picture that I do not use anymore did not really work out – too big for the space I wanted to hang it.

Anyway the memo board became the next thing to experiment with the chicken wire and if I do say so myself I think it turned out beautiful and will be very useful.

I bought wood letters to paint and hang above it . .. The word will be CREATE. . .

It is hanging in our family room/office area – is slowly becoming my crafting space as well. Would take a picture of the room but it is a disaster. . .

Have a great weekend. . . I plan on being out in our garden area as well as maybe a hike and picnic if the weather cooperates.

Little Princess latest painting hanging on the new board

Little Princess latest painting hanging on the new board


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