Thrifty Buys last week

Decorative Dress Forms

Decorative Dress Forms

First, I did go to Hobby Lobby to find my chalkboard pens for my silver platters. See post below for how they turned out. While there I scanned throuhgh the 60% off clearance and found these two lovlies. The pink one will be going to my daughters room and the green one either my bedroom or master bath. .. I am thinking about spray painting it ivory and roughing it up a bit to age it.

The next day I went to GW to find some more silver platters, I have decided to make them for the end of the year teach gifts. I will be putting the teacher monograms on them along with a chalk pen and a small gift card from somewhere.
(sorry picture not so great)

5 platters (one is a butter dish bottom) for about $ 12.00

5 platters (one is a butter dish bottom) for about $ 12.00

I also checked for dresses for the princess and hit the jackpot, for $ 3.00. The dress is in great shape and is shaping up to be one of her favorites. After laundering it she wore it right away to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheeses.

Ride at Chuck E. Cheese. .. best picture of the dress

Ride at Chuck E. Cheese. .. best picture of the dress

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5 thoughts on “Thrifty Buys last week

  1. Great finds…I love the silver platters. I love using them for chalkboards and what a sweet gift for the teachers.

  2. I was just wondering what you do to clean up the trays you get at goodwill? The finished ones you show look so shiny. The one I bought at goodwill looks kind of rough, but I’m not sure what I should use on it before I paint it with the chalkboard paint. What’s your advice? Thanks!

  3. Hi Paula,

    I uses tarn-x to clean them up a bit and soap and water after that. Dried them off and started painting.

    You can find tarn-x at walmart.


  4. Great finds! Those little wire forms are so cute, I need to find one! Love the idea of it in a little girls room! Also spray painting one would be neat! The dress is SUPER cute! Love the trays and the idea of using them for teacher gifts! Great ideas! Love your blog!

    Thanks for coming by mine and leavin such a nice comment! Hope to see you again!

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