This past weeks thrifty finds

So anyway, this week I made a fabulous clearance buy at Target and did hit one garage sale. I also fit in one visit to GW – found two additional silver platters, one being at least 24″ diameter, silver by Oneida and boy does it have the tarnish to prove it …Instead of dealling with the tarnish issue I am thinking about a double treatment, spray paint the rim a color and then the chalkboard paint in the center. No pics of these yet.

Now on to my Target finds. I needed to stop by Monday night during my dinner break at work, which meant short time period but no kids in hand… After finding what I needed I hit the end caps and just look what was waiting for me at a price I could not pass up:

Target Buys

Target Buys

The large piller normally 16.99 down to 4.24 and the smaller on normally 14.99 to 3.74… a great buy if I do say so myself. I am now planning on at least one of them holding a moss ball (seen around blog land lately) maybe I will do two diffent types or one moss and one decorative ball if I don’t want to use them for candle holders.

The ribbon was in the $1.00 section marked down to 50% off, I have found the ribbon to be handy when decorating a small gift or for other small projects around the house.

The garage sale I hit with my two kiddos in tow, after their swimming lessons on Friday. Needless to say not a lot of paying real attention shopping as my eyes were constantly watching both kiddos.

Garage Sale Finds

Garage Sale Finds

The kiddos were thrilled with the $ 3.00 scooter. The princess loved the mini mouse and princess shirt for quarter each. And I have been wondering about the knitting loom for a while, at $ 3.00 it is worth a try.

I usually don’t pay too much attention to the jewelry section at yard sales but this day I did and I happened across these three beauties for $.25 total. The thing that caught my eye is that they are real gold, so we may have some lab created gems but if nothing else they are on the low end spectrum of “real jewelry” not the total costume kind. I am pretty sure the stones around the ruby are real diamond chips, can’t really tell about the sapphire ring but the other diamond ring sure does glitter like the real thing. Next time I am in the mall might conjure up enough courage to ask a gemologist to look at them in their scope to see if I made a real deal. But at .25 cents if nothing else, real looking jewelry for my princess to wear when needed.
I will update you if they do turn out to have any “real” value.

Garage Sale rings

Garage Sale rings

That is it for this past week… the kids are trying to be patient as we have a city festival going on and they are ready to go ride the rides.

Have a great week.

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12 thoughts on “This past weeks thrifty finds

  1. What an incredible deal on those rings! It really does amaze me when I find things like that at garage sales, but alot of the time, the people just want to be rid of everything, and don’t bother to really look. Their loss is our gain!

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