This weeks thrifty finds

My growing addiction to GW was fed this past week… I had the time, money and motivation to hit 3 different GW’s in our area. .. two on the same day. Spent $ 20.00 or less in each one and came home with a boat load of goodies which will be projects. I might save some of the stuff for later posts so I don’t feel the “need” to go out thrifty shopping.

Here are some of the finds:

A beautiful smocked dress for princess - $ 3.00 Blueberri brand

A beautiful smocked dress for princess - $ 3.00 Blueberri brand

Artificial Fruit $ 1.99

Artificial Fruit $ 1.99

The fruit is destined to meet up with some modgepodge and glass glitter – will post when I get done with that project.

Glass Lidded Candy? Jar

Glass Lidded Candy? Jar

$ 1.49 for this gem. .. I am thinking of displaying some cute buttons or my cross stitch threads in it right now…

Pampered Chef Ice Shaver $ 1.99

Pampered Chef Ice Shaver $ 1.99


The ice shaver did not come with the buckets . . . does anyone know where I can get them or what else to use- butter tubs maybe?

Pokemon picture $ .99

Pokemon picture $ .99

You mom’s of Pokemon crazed kiddos know what a find this is. I plan on hanging it up in my son’s room. Out of all the bags that was brought in the kids found this and have had it out all weekend looking at it and playing with it.

Picture Frame Shadow Box  $ 1.99

Picture Frame Shadow Box $ 1.99

This shadow box is destined to end up a pretty shade of pale pink and home to a pair of worn small ballet slippers, princess’s first. I will include some pictures and a couple of ballet dancer ornaments we bought while on vacation in St. Louis that she picked out. Alos, I think I will use her ballet recital tutu as the backdrop that it hangs on. I have the plan in my mind don’t know if that part of it will work out.

A skein of yarn, .69 and two cute picture frames .99 each

A skein of yarn, .69 and two cute picture frames .99 each

picture holder $ 1.99

picture holder $ 1.99

Thinking of painting this to use in my son’s room.

That’s it for this week’s thrifty posts… I have some more finds to share with you next week.

Hop on over to Southern Hospitality for more thrifty finds.


13 thoughts on “This weeks thrifty finds

  1. Wow Girl, you hauled it in !!!
    Can you get replacements from pampered chef on the shaver….or maybe google what other people use as pampered chef is quite big ?
    Love all your stuff!!
    Hugs ~ kammy

  2. Lots of great finds! That’s a sweet dress! I miss dressing a little girl. My little girl is 20! That’s such a wonderful idea for the shadowbox, putting your daughter’s ballet slippers in there. I’m sure she will treasure it always!

  3. I love all your finds! One of my twin boys noticed the Pikachu picture right away. He said that was his favorite of your finds. I wonder why? 🙂

  4. Thanks for coming by earlier. and I love that shadow box. Can’t wait to see it finished.

    About Highlander? I can’t stand the mealy mouthed cartoons they have now so I limit those AND Disney. Give me Bug Bunny any day. Cross dressing rabbit…yeah, go figure. I like SpongeBob. Fav episode? The one where he forgets to tie his shoes. I still giggle over that one. Sunshine used to hop up and down in the middle of the floor and sing Bob Bob, Fwarepants…you know the way that 2 YOs bounce…I felt the house shake one day and everyone was down there bouncing with her and giggling.

  5. Hey, We had one of those shaved ice thingies growing up. We couldn’t ever find the buckets (or maybe they were too slow in freezing) so we just stuck a bunch of ice from the ice maker in the top and it worked just fine.

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