Menu Plan Monday

For other menu idea please check out Laura’s blog.

The kiddos are going to summer school so I need to pack them a lunch three days of the week; I started including the lunches in my plan so that I intentionally can pack a variety of things and keep them away from the overpriced lunchables.

Lunch for kiddos: Balogna and cheese sandwich, yougurt smoothie, cheetos and fruit snacks
Dinner: Crockpot Philly Cheesestakes as seen here

Lunch: Quesdillas
Dinner: Grilled Hot Dogs

Lunch: Pretzel Sandwich
Dinner: Cous Cous Salad and grilled Chicken

Lunch: Mini Muffins, cheese sticks and apple slices
Dinner: Mac and Cheese as seen here

I can’t find frozen pureed squash though. .. I might use baby food or I have some sweet potatoes that need to be cooked up and I can mash them before adding them.

Dinner: Taco Night

Dinner: Spaghetti


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