Lookie what I found…

A couple of weeks ago before going in to work on Friday, my hubby had told me about all the garage sales he had seen in our neighboring town. So I decided to go check out a few, and boy am I glad I did.

Doll House Bookcase

Doll House Bookcase

Look at this beauty. . . I had already made plans that princess was going to be getting one of these as her Christmas present this year, I had planned on buying it at Target for about $ 80 new and not yet put together. This one for $ 10 was built by a dad who had the pottery barn version’s ($ 399.00) dimensions. Their daughter had outgrown it. This one is perfect but a tad bit on the heavy side and I do notice there is no official bottom to it.

I am thinking the outside will be staying the green it currently is as it will match princess’ room and that part is in pretty good condition. The interior needs a date with a spray paint can. I will be getting to work on this soon, there is going to be a lot of embellishing going on with this piece before Christmas. If you have any pictures of your fixed up doll houses/book cases let me know where to visit for some inspiration. Needless to say I have enough projects to work on now for a while.

Same day I also found Princess some Barbie roller blades and matching knee and elbow pads, a new Barbie and a Barbie guitar, she is my Barbie girl.

Coat Tree

Coat Tree

At the same sale, I also bought this mini coat tree. I will end up spray painting it black for use by our back door for the kiddos this winter.

The final thing I would like to share with you are these beauties. Yes some work is necessary. I found them at a country garage sale during the summer for 50 cents!!



I plan on hanging them on either side of this window in our stair landing. What do you think if I hang them a little lower than the top of the window… I sort of want to bring the eye down. Now what color paint? I am thinking ivory as the yellow on the walls sometimes appear to brigh yellow vs. the muted color it is suppossed to be.

Stair landing window

Stair landing window

Same window - lower view

Same window - lower view

Hop on over to Rhoda’s to see other thrifty treasures.


7 thoughts on “Lookie what I found…

  1. Love the little coat rack. So cute. And I love those shutters, I think they would add so much to that window. Can’t wait to see the picture posted.

    Please stop by and say hi.
    Be Well!

  2. Wow, your princess will be happy ! You saved enough money to re-do it to her style !! I love those shutters and that coat tree is super cute !

  3. That doll house is an amazing find. I wish I still had the one I fixed up for my daughter to show you. Sadly she out grew it and it has been passed on to several other little girls in our family. Love the shutters, I hope I can find some like that!

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