Pumpkin Farm

Saturday morning we headed down the road to a local pumpkin farm as the kiddos had been invited to a Pumpkin Carving party that evening and we have not yet purchased any pumpkins. This is not the mega playland kind of farm… they do pumpkins and other fall produce but that is about it. It does make for a backdrop for some fun pictures though.

gobble, gobble

gobble, gobble

The day was cold, glad we were not there for the hour or two that you spend at most pumpkin farms. Park, pick out your pumpkin, take a few pictures and back in the car for some warmth.

My Little Pumpkins

My Little Pumpkins

I had to work so could not go to the party. I get a call from home about an hour and half after the party started. Seems hubby managed to lock the keys in his car. We tried to unlock it remotely using my keyless entry, pointing it at the phone and then hubby standing in front of the car holding the cell phone towards the door. Guess what, it did NOT work. I saw this on a blog while surfing… guess you can’t beleive everything you read on the blog.

Love the pumpkin checkerboard

Love the pumpkin checkerboard

I checked out Snopes after our failed attempt to unlock the door. Here is what they have to say on the matter: http://www.snopes.com/autos/techno/keyless.asp

The kiddos enjoyed the pumpkin checker board - but how do you "King?

But all was not lost, hubby called the friends to say they would not make it and they sent someone to pick everyone up. Now it is about 7:30, normal bed time on weekend would be about 8:30, kiddos and hubby did not make it back home till 11:30. What happens when you let kiddos stay up that long, well, a 5 year old and her daddy sleep till 10 and her brother only sleeps till 7:30 and promptly wakes me up who did not get to sleep till past 3AM.

Isn't this a scary face?

Isn't this a scary face?

I work till midnight. Left on time and was on my way home, after passing the last highway exit before mine and noticing all the construction on my side of the highway… I had a sinking feeling in my tummy… I forgot they had posted that my exit ramp would be closed. I had to drive 8 more miles down the highway and then back again on back roads I was unfamiliar with … fun thing to do at night. All the time thinking that if I hit a deer or other car problem hubby was already asleep (had left him a message of what was going on and hoped he would call with directions … but thank goodness I had a map in the car) and he would not be able to come rescue me anyway, because I had the extra set of keys with me and he is locked out of his vehicle.

My Turkey's

My Turkey's

Luckily, I got home safe without incident. Last night I had to scrape ice off the windshield and this morning everything is coated with a thick layer of frost. We may have the beautiful colors of fall but we certainly are having the temps of early winter.

Have a great week!



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