A month of Thanksgiving…

A couple of years ago when Little Man was 3 and the princess not yet with us, we made a thankfullness tree and attempted to have little man add something everyday for which he was thankfull, in the month of November. He still remembers doing that as we were talking about it today…

This year I will be doing the same thing only using this blog as a diary to track the things for which I am thankful for. Some will be serious, some silly, some just everyday things. And by no means by the end of the month will I capture everything I am thankful for, but hopefully this will live as a reminder for those little things which sometimes are taken for granted.

So to kick the month off for November 1st I will actually mention what we did on Saturday night.

I am thankful for cuddling on the couch with my two kiddos.


My favorite two cuddle bugs

Princess did not get to go trick or treating due to a high fever she had since Friday afternoon, but I did take little man out. Believe me, it was COLD. When we came back home, after only an 75 minutes little man was content to pass out treats to any remaining kiddos who came along. I fixed a quick dinner and barely could keep my eyes open while we ate. (Rachel Rays devilish chili dogs,, yummy) I settled in on the sofa to watch ??, can’t remember… Very soon princess with her hot, feverish body came over and laid down on me and little man curled up around me too! Soon all of us were fast asleep curled up like little kittens trying to keep each other warm while they sleep. It was so nice to wake up every once in a while and be snuggling with my kiddos. I am thankful for these sweet moments in the evening, as someone who works nights I do not get too many opportunities for total relaxed cuddling on the sofa time.

The pic above was taken a few years ago,,, best one I could find of us getting ready for a cuddle session.


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