Treinen Farm Corn Maze

treinen corn maze

Corn Maze - we completed it in about an hour


Come this way to see our adventure...

We completed our first full size corn maze as a family on Sunday. It was a lot of fun, a little warmer than it has been, 50’s but still a bit blustery. The kids did much better than we thought they would have done in the past. Neither one of them complained about being tired and did a good job of not running off and getting lost.

I don’t know if all corn mazes do it this way, but at the front desk they only give you one out of 6 sections of the map (they give you all the pieces too (just in case) but you are suppossed to try to find the path to the other puzzle pieces for the next section of the maze. Needless to say hubby man kept us on the right path the entire way and the kids found it great fun following his directions so they could go a bit ahead and “find” the mailboxes with the next section of the puzzle.





Studying the map





hubby and me (Our girl is a pretty good photographer)


Hope you enjoyed our Sunday adventure!


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