Thankful Tuesday Nov 3

Today I will write of my thankfulness for my small group. For those of you who do not know small group is a term for a bible study group, basically. Our group is newly formed and only have met a couple of times so far, none of us knew each other prior to forming this group.

Our first study is on a book called Life Rules, by Andy Stanley. It is a video based study and is designed to help a new group get to know each other.

Well, this weeks lesson was on forgiveness. Here is an excerpt from the first chapter, “It’s hard to treat people with love and respect on a regular basis. Especially when they don’t deserve it. When we’ve been mistreated, it may feel more appropriate to punish, ignore,or just avoid the other person.”

From the video we watched of Andy Stanley we learn
1. Forgiveness is a decision that we make.
2. Forgiveness is making the decision that someone doesn’t owe you anymore.
3. Forgiveness doesn’t make any sense unless you are a forgiven person.

In order to forgive we must do three things:
1. Identify who you are angry with.
2. Determine what they owe you.
3. Decide to cancel the debt.

I have been following these guidelines this week in relationship to situations I find myself in.. I have chosen certain people this week that I have found myself to be angry with and worked through the steps… you kow what I feel much better, I am treating those individuals better (basically what I feel they owe me but not giving to me I am making sure I give to them; for instance, respect) and I beleive it is making my relationship with these individuals much better and more honest (than harboring ill feelings and thinking I am hiding those feelings)

So do you have anyone or any situation you need to forgive? Are you forgiven? If so, follow the three steps to help you work out any anger you are harboring… life will be better



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