Thankful – Thursday 11/5

This little guy was sick last week… 480_4896

Here are a couple of cute videos of the sick child… you need to understand that normally our son has a normal voice you can hear a mile a way so when he lost his voice he was quite shocked and concerned. You can also tell he is more interested in his tv show than being filmed that day.

Josh sick part 1
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Josh sick part
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Now about this time you might be asking yourself why am I thankful for having a sick child? I’m not, but what I am thankful for is that now days he can get sick with a normal bug and we don’t have to fear him ending up with pneumonia.

You see this little buddy ended up being born about 4 weeks early and he be definition met all the criteria for being a preemie. The most significant issue being that his lungs were not developed. He ended up staying in NICU for 3.5 weeke and some of that time was on a ventilator. Very scary days which helped me know the fragility of life and how precious it is.

Due to his lung issues when he was younger and caught a cold it would most certainly develop into pneumonia. Of course, those days were full of going from one specialist to another… our medical travels took us to the Indianapolis Children’s Hospital where lucky for us one of the top pediatric pulmonologist practices. After doing some test he declared little man’s lungs healthy just on the fast side of normal. (At that time his normal respiration were about 70 breaths per minute…normal for that age group if I remember right was down between 35 – 40).

So after about a year on using pulmicort in a nebulizer twice a day for a year, when he was about 4.5 we weaned him off of that, his respirations slowed down normally and he is now hardly ever sick.

So, I am constantly thankful to have little man healthy and for all of the medical advancements which helped him become the healthy boy he is today. But most of all for God’s blessings in helping little man get and stay healthy.


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