Thankful Weekend – Nov 7 & 8


y Princess

I am so grateful and thankful that God brought you to us. When Josh was a singleton I remember looking at him playing one evening and thinking if he is such a beautiful boy, then I could only imagine how beautiful a little girl would be. Both your daddy and I wanted a little girl so badly and we were so happy to hear when the doctor told us you would be a little girl.

I am so thankful for the fun we have together, this past weekend was no exception. It started off with a girl scout excursion to the overture center for a magic show. Check out the site for free saturday morning fun in downtown Madison. Kids in the Rotunda.

After the show princess and I walked over to the last outdoor Farmers Market of the season.. we only bought a couple of cookies and a couple of bread, pumpkin and spicy cheese bread – yummy!!

We finished the day up playing at the park, while the boys played basketball me and princess had great fun playing hide and go seek.

Other fun activities we fit in this weekend, playing barbies (esspecially after I painted the new barbie bookcase doll house), baking brownies and you being my spray paint helper! And to end our weekend a mommy and daughter manicure.

I love you baby girl … thank you for being wonderful you!!!


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