Disney’s Princess and a Frog

Yesterday, I took the kiddos to the movie theater. We only go once or twice a year so far so it is a big deal for the kiddos and they enjoy going. Each time it gets a little easier to go, when they were younger it was very difficult to get them both to stay seated (at the same time) and for a movie to hold their attention the entire time.

Let’s see the must haves to enjoy the movie included the kiddie combo which included an icee, pixie sticks and popcorn, a bag of sour skittles for the boy and a bag of plain m&m’s for the girl.

Disney’s Princess and a Frog movie was enjoyable for all three of us. Great story line, love the little lesson that wishing on a star will only get you so far in life but it is hard work that get’s you want you want.

We managed to almost get through the entire movie except at the last 10 minutes or so my son informed me he was going to throw up …I sent him towards the bathroom while I sat and negotiated with a very focused little girl who did not want to leave. Luckily, for all of us it was a false alarm and we were able to get back to the movie to see the last few minutes (I guess we missed Ray’s funeral).

My son gets motion sickness quite easily and I think staring at the big screen that long after eating a bag of sour skittles did not do him any favors.

I was wondering if the part including the shadows chasing the frogs scared them at all… during our dinner discussion each said that that part was scary but neither seemed overwhelmingly concerned about it. However, the boy did wake up this morning recanting a bad dream of someone beating someone up and him being concerned he was next, so the movie may have had a little bit to do with that dream.

I would recommend seeing it unless you have a little one who gets scared easily and then wait to get it on DVD and then fast forward through those parts.

After the movie we met hubby at UNO’s for a late dinner, pizza for everyone!! YUMMY!


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