A Year of Blogging

Wow, it has been a year since me and my hubby set this little blog up on a whim. I had been enjoying surfing blogland for about a year prior to that and had became quite addicted to it. I have a friend in real life who had started a blog and gave me the encouragement I needed (Thanks Jen!) and so with the hubby’s help, here we are.

I am still trying to find my way or maybe a better thought is I want this blog to develop into something more, maybe not just popular or a money-making enterprise but I guess more real get to know other bloggers out there, really follow-up on some of the crafty ideas I see and I would LOVE to win some give-a-ways but that is luck of the draw.

I guess the one thing I really want to accomplish with this blog this coming year it to develop more my sense of self, become more of a creative writer or in other words write more for me and not so guarded. At work I have to write so BUSINESS like and no personality in the prose that I think my writing outside of work is certainly not creative. It has been years sense I have written anything with a creative bent.

Here is the stats:
6,802 Views – I would have been happy with 5000 Views (thanks goes mostly to participating in Southern Hospitality’s Frugal Treasures party during the summer)
81 Posts – Did not really have a goal in mind last year ( I will make it easy on myself and set a goal of 100 posts for next year – I would love to be a overacheiver!)
154 Comments – I would like to double this number next year….but I realize I need to be a better commenter on other blogs… hmm, wish there was a stat to say how many times I leave a comment… maybe I need to set a goal for myself in that department too.

Well, this blog thing is turning out to be a fun little hobby and I am enjoying learning more techy things. I hope to try to understand more about the technical side of blog land this coming year. I also hope to be better at actually completing some craft projects and photographing the results.

Hubby and I are talking about a new SLR digital camera so who knows this blog may morph into our journey into taking better pictures and learning how to do all the neat things you can do with them.

So anyway,

Have a wonderful New Year and here is to great blogging for everyone in 2010!


PS. For any of you wondering how to become a famous blogger – here are the two ways to do it! Thanks for the illustration, Dave.

cartoon from www.weblogcartoons.com

Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.


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