Budget Goal

So me and the hubby have been struggling for a while with how to keep a budget…. not really how to keep it but how to come up with one. The first step is to track expenses to see where the money is being spent and then decide on if there are areas to save money and then come up with a spending plan.

Well, we have never really created a system that works for both of us to track our expenses. Truth be told he is much better at it than me! My purse becomes the collecting ground for all my receipts and then when it gets filled up to the point nothing else is going to fit in there..the receipts then get dumped out to a basked, never really to be looked at again. Unless, I need to return something.

So New Year, new goal… I took a spiral notebook on the 1st and at the top of each page wrote a category. So far we have;

Eating out
clothing for me

We will write what the expense was on the day it was incurred and using the amount….

Hopefully, we can keep this up. Three days into the new year so far so good! πŸ™‚

This seems to be a simple enough thing for me to do …Hubby would still like to make it more complicated like recording sales tax separately and debating the categories (snacks vs. groceries) but so far I am getting my way …. the important thing in budgeting or a spending/saving plan is to get an idea of where the money is being spent… not to have an exact accounting of every penny… or at least I say so… The accounting type hubby’s I know would beg to differ. πŸ™‚

Hopefully, we will be able to keep this goal going throughout the year!


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