1st Crafty Project of the new year

So last year I found this great little black lamp at a thrift store. It was shade less and I went on the search for the right shade. After searching Wal-Mart and other stores I could not find the right size or shape for the little lamp. Finally, I found it at a garage sale….lonely shade just waiting to be matched up with the perfect little lamp.

Here is my “Vanna” showing the “Before” lamp for you. (sorry about the blur)

The lamp just did not have any sparkle to it….a couple of years ago I had purchased some trim to put on some curtains (which I had never gotten around to doing) So the trim turned out to be the perfect color for my little lamp shade project.

Here I am working on the project. My little girl is working on her photography skills.

My quality control analyst checking my work.

The finished product – I am thrilled with it, a perfect addition to the living room (even though purchased to use in laundry room – maybe if I ever get that space organized and made over!)


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