New Toy

I am so excited!! I have been thinking about this for a long while and never really could justify the money on this purchase. Probably still couldn’t if it was not for my company giving me a gift card for my 20th anniversary with them. They give you a certain amount based on how long you have been with them and for me it was $ 200.00. The gift does come with strings attached, it has be to be spent on an item, no services nor food, etc. So in other words you really need to buy yourself a gift.

So I played along and bought this….

I can hardly wait to get it. I will have to start planning out my projects.

And a shoutout for great customer service for, where I purchased it from. See the debit card was $200.00 even the order with a 10% coupon I had came to 200.94 cents. No biggie, I would charge the .94 onto my personal card. Problem was Overstock does not have the option to split up payment sources. So doing this late at night I thought I would be out of luck in getting it BUT overstock has online chat customer service. After explaining my delimma in the end they gave me .95 store credit… not that that is a huge amount or anything, but the customer service rep understood my issue and fixed it quickly and in a very nice way. NO attitude!!

So hopefully some time soon I can start showing off some projects using my new toy!


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