Library – Check it out

Ok, this is my frist attempt to do a book review of sorts. My thoughts are to share some of the books or other media we check out at the library and this way we will remember the books that the kiddos enjoyed reading while they are growing up.

So anyway, last night I checked out about 5 books to read to the kiddos this week. Josh is doing great in the reading department but Miki has to really BE interested in the book for it to hold her attention and reading is NOT one of her favorite things to do.

Well, I am excited about this book I am sharing because she made me read it twice and then she took it and flipped through the pages after the second reading. So what better positive review could we give it!

by Leigh Hodgkinson
Meet Sunny. She is usually happy—sunshiny even! But not today. She’s lost one of her favorite things: her smile. Is it . . .

In her pocket?Under Mr. Honeycomb’s basket? Or did Glittergills take it?

This exuberant picture book shows that happiness is often right under your nose.

Check it out at your local library I am sure your kiddos will love it too.

Happy Friday,



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