Bithday Invites using my Silhouette SD

I have completed my first Silhouette SD project. I made ponies with the cutting machine for Miki’s birthday party. A LOT of time spent learning how to use the machine plus plenty of mistakes. Needless to say I need a new mat due to some incorrect cutting and pasting made the machine cut through the mat after it went over the same place about 8 times…

Also, I have learned that the mat needs to stay sticky, most help forums agree the mat that comes with the machine is NOT sticky enough and recommends the use of craft adhesive spray to help make it tackier.

I plan on buying a new mat now that I hopefully am over making the beginner mistakes.

Miki wanted a party at home this year, me always being on the hunt for fun birthday party ideas ran across a business which rents out their pony. So a Pink Pony Party theme was decided upon.

Here is a picture of the front of the invite and the inside front cover… I came up with the quote to use, I just could not find anything including princesses and ponies.

The pony is cut out of two different color papers. After glueing it all together I then used ModgePodge to glitterize it.

This is the image from Silhouette

I can’t wait to do other projects with the Silhouette, now that I understand it a tiny bit – still a lot to learn.

Will be using it to make the take home gifts for the kiddos… stay tuned for that project to be done.

So Anyway have a great day!


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