Dinosaur Debut

The kindergarten class at my kiddos school performs a dinosaur debut every spring. This year was our girls turn.

The kiddos performed a number of songs and speaking parts related to Dinosaurs. The kids wear hats they make and have a great time marching in and out of the gym for the performance.

While looking for a cool quote to post on Facebook, I happened upon this web site for teachers, CAN TEACH.
Looks like a great resource for finding things to do with kids and finding kid friendly songs for various topics. As well as some teaching plans and other things homeschoolers, teachers or parents may find of interest.

This is my facebook quote from the other day when I was looking for a cute Dinosaur saying:
Dinosaurs, dinosaurs,Where have you been?
I’ve only seen you In books that you’re in.
Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, Why aren’t you here?
I want to know what made you all dissapear!

EXCEPT for today, making a special appearance at a Kindergarten we know will be the cutest little dinosaurs that ever did roam!! Good luck to little Princess and all her Kindy friends – can’t wait to see the show!


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