Monday – Thrift Day; Platter and Vase

Last year when I jumped on the Silver Platter turned chalkboard bandwagon, I picked up this beauty. Of course, she was very tarnished but a little bit of TarnX and elbow grease got her back to her shining self.
Did I mention she is a Oneida silver platter? Great Quality and I bet it cost the orignal purchaser an arm and a leg, me $ 2.99 at GW.


Well, I never got around to making her into a chalk board but about a month ago I was trying to figure out a way to make the stuff on the bathroom sink look more coordinated and not so much like clutter. So I got her out, shined her up and promised the hubby that anything that does not fit on her does not have a permanent home on the sink. I have been pretty good about keeping that promise, but it does get broken now and then.

I was looking for one more special piece to add to the mix and their little cousin was sitting on the shelf a couple of weeks ago, at GW, of course. For $ .99 this beautiful small Leonard pewter vase is mine.

The other silver containers for tissue and cotton balls was wedding presents.

The builder put this awkward towel bar in at this end of the sink. Not needed but I thought I would hang my necklaces there and I have to admit it works for me. I like the way it looks and I very rarely go out without a necklace on any longer.

Little cupid has been with me for quite a while. He use to have a partner but was broken at our last house. He was a bargain too. I believe I bought the pair on an after Christmas sale.

Have a great week everyone.

Edited to say I am linking up to Rhoda’s Southern Hospitality Thrifty Party.


10 thoughts on “Monday – Thrift Day; Platter and Vase

  1. I hunt for silver and silverplate whenever I am out thrifting. Using the platter in your bathroom makes the countertop look more special and finished. I may have to borrow your idea and a platter from elsewhere in the house! Thanks for visiting via Rhoda’s party.
    ~ Sue

  2. What an amazing find. I love how you hung your necklaces off of the towel rack. I am inspired to try something like this as well. I can’t find necklaces when i want them or spend too much time looking for one in particular only to find it knotted up.

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  4. I am another one who’s going to compliment your idea of turning the towel rack into a necklace organizer! I can never keep all my necklaces in one place, over even de-tangled in the several spots they are in currently. This is a fab idea! I am pretty sure I’ll be adding some king of bar in my bedroom soon! =)~ Thanks for the inspiration!!

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