Thirty Party Monday

Once again I am linking up with Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality for her thrifty treasure party.

The thrifty treasure to be shared this week is on it’s 3’rd and IMO best life. I don’t have the original picture of it but it was all white with gold hardware.

Can’t get more thrifty then it being a hand me down from my brother and sis in law. They were trying to clear out furniture when me and hubby bought our first house.

In our first house the dresser served as a buffet in our dining room. Of course, it looked like a dresser so it lived it’s life covered up with a table cloth. The drawers did come in handy to store our extra dishes.

2nd house and 2nd child I updated the dresser to match the colors of the nursery. The painting of the dresser turned out well and I received help from a dear friend in getting it completed as I was on bed rest. In this picture soon to be big brother was helping me ready the room.

In this shot you can see the dresser in it’s second life for my daughter’s room.

Well, along came the dollhouse bookcase (see this post) and we needed to move the dresser somewhere. We determined after having it in the foyer that the middle stair landing would be a good place for it. It was the middle of winter and I could not drag out to spray paint so the first 2 months of the year found me painting the dresser in place. My friend, modge podge, helped me to finish the front of the drawers.

I think she turned out beautifully.

Ok, some of these pictures are off as I am taking them at night. They seemed better on the camera without a flash but they did turn out yellow.

Close up detail

close up detail

The mirror above was one of my first estate sale purchases… I bought it for $ 5.00, I love the detail of the frame.

Close up of table scape items

Close up of branches – Walmart $ 10.00 The vase was a wedding present and the cherry blossoms left over from another project a couple of years ago.

Walmart pillar candles with scrapbook paper embellishment.

The pillars are a thrifty buy from Target last year. See the post.

So anyway, have a great week!



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