Pink Pony Party

My baby girl turned 6 this past week. She is full of spunk and is a tom -boy girly girl; meaning she will play football/soccor with the boys but she will be wearing her princess dress while playing!

I asked her a couple of months ago what she wanted to do for her party at home. I jumped on the internet to try to find a traveling petting zoo that I had seen advertised in a city near us, but that search came up empty. However I did happen upon the site for Froggy Bottom Farms, who has a traveling pony! That coupled with the pink pony cake I saw in Family Fun made me think I had a winning theme. I asked princess if she would like that, she jumped up and down in excitement and the planning started.

I made some of the blog popular tissue flowers…they are fun and pretty easy to make.

Everyone enjoyed the party, all of the kiddos enjoyed the pony rides and we had decent weather ( a little worried about that leading up to the party, it was cloudy and bit chilly but nothing to bad for the party).

Baby girl had a blast with all her friends and the pony, Midnight!


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