Mother’s Day Card from my son

I love these cards where the kiddo is asked about a parent from their perspective. I love that little man sees me as loving, funny and happy and smart. But I am so sure that a lover of working is not how I want my little guy to see me…I do work out of the home and maybe he thinks that I love to go to work…most days the opposite is true but for our family I need to work. Then again, I am wondering if he is thinking about the pestering I do to clean up the house? Anyway, hopefullly next year it will not be a lover of working…. I am going to work hard to make sure he knows what my priorities are, which is he and his sister.

I am glad to see though that he knows that when he comes home from school or an outing with his dad that it does make me happy that he is home.

Now the next one, I fear nothing. If only he knew all the fears and worries I have for him and his sister to be safe in this world, about what the future will hold for all of us, etc. then he would know on the inside I am a shaking bowl of jello. However, I do try to turn my fears over to God and lately I have became better at letting God carry the buden of my worries than dwelling on them and letting it effect our daily life.

Maybe I should answer the same questions about my little man.

FUNNY, Loves to Cuddle, Full of Energy, Strong-Willed
Who feels love by being cuddled and read to at night.
Who fears tornados….checks with me or his dad every night practically to see if a tornado will come during the night.

You will always be my baby boy but you are growing up so fast….

Thank you for being my wonderful son!


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