Summertime Places to go

I think we will be doing a staycation this summer since we want to spend some money on a home improvement project. There are a ton of things I want to do with the kiddos this summer and the purpose of this post is to keep a list of places to go and see. We may not accomplish all of these things this summer but at least if a day comes up in which we have nothing to do I can check here to get some ideas. I am also sitting down with my calendar and going ahead and penciling in some dates as lately I have been double booking myself and family, especially on the weekends.

Farmers Market
Concerts on the Square
Devil’s Lake State Park
Bean Sprouts Tea Party (Tuesday)
Horseback Riding
Observatory (Wednesday)
Saturday Science Weekend
Old World Wisconsin
Little Amerricka
Baseball Game
Ice Cream Outing
Strawberry Picking
Pontoon Boat Ride
Olbrich Garden Blooming Butterfly


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