A small memory to hold on to

I want to write this quick post to document a special moment I had with my mom and daughter. A little background, my mom is in a nursing home with advance alzheimers. She has pretty much been in nursing care since princess was one. Unfortunately I do not see her as often as I like due to living several hours away. Anyway, it has been several months since I was last able to visit and the disease is advancing.

In the past she is able to interact and participate in what is going on around her, today was different. She could barely open her eyes even though she was sitting up and talking during our visit. It was almost like she would fade in and out. She did have moment of remembering us, kissing and hugging and talking. She was also enjoying the music they were playing, tapping her fingers with the beat.

The special memory I want to capture here to preserve for me and my daughter was when mom opened her eyes and gave princess a big hug. Usually my princess is very shy around her but today she let mom hug her and kiss on her without complaint. Also, she sat on mom’s lap and mom even though her eyes were closed and not talking much started braiding my little girls hair, just like she did when I was a little girl. It seemed mom got great comfort from playing with her granddaughter’s hair and I am very proud of my little girl for just letting my mom love on her a bit.

I know these moments are precious and will be very few in the coming months so I wanted to document this as a reminder of this day.

I love my mom and miss the person she was so much, but thankful for the days that I do get to spend with her.

Edited to add this picture of my princess’ hair…. this picture was taken the night before our visit with mom I almost had deleted this picture as a mistake, I am glad I did’nt.


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