Saturday with my kiddos

Today was a good day…relaxing, calm and easy fun. I had set up expectations with the kiddos on Friday that in order for us to go to a splash park today they would have to spend the morning picking up all the toys and anything else on the floor so we could vacuum and mop, as needed.

So this morning, after not getting to bed till 3AM due to a late night grocery shopping trip after work I was awoken (several times) by the kiddos coming in and giving me updates as to which rooms had been picked up, etc. I was happy to see that they had done a wonderful job and their updates were accurate (if not annoying due to waking me up!)

The kiddos were pretty excited to get on with the day, not so much for the splash park but according to my son I had agreed earlier in the week that if he was “good” all week long we would go and buy a new DS game. I don’t recall making that deal but went along with it because they had been particularly well behaved all week and had done a terrific job of picking up on their own – something which is really never done without a lot of coaxing from us parents.

So after finishing up some other chores, off to Target we went. The boy was so fixated on the metroids DS game that was all he could talk about. We came up empty at Target for Metoids and decided the next stop was the mall to go to Game Stop. Our lucky day, or at least little girl’s, they were having a special on their used games, buy 2 get 1 free, so we ended up with metoids, littlest pet shop and Disney’s Princess and the Frog.

After that we headed to the Splash Park… well the kiddos had their DS’s with them… one ran out of power and the other it was too bright for the kiddos to see the screen….they REALLY wanted to play those games…

After getting to the splash park, you would have thought it was a chore being assigned to play in the water… little man kept asking how long do we have to stay? Well, it turned out to be crowded and hot but the water felt especially cold. Not a very fun combo for water fun. So after staying a short period of time and spending some time at their little park we headed back home.

On reflection though, neither child was overly (as usual) whining when trying to get their way and just went with the flow. On the way home we also discovered Jim’s Meat Market and purchased a tasty rotisserie chicken which me and the boy tore off a few pieces on the way home to eat. It was very tasty!! The steaks we picked up will be grilled tomorrow, boy do they look good!

Of course, as soon as we were home and the kiddos had there DS power cords plugged in they were pretty much mesmerized with their new games for the evening. To bad I did not get some photos of them playing their DS’s with each other.

So Anyway, I was able to get some good shots of the kiddos playing at the splash park;

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