Ribbon Holder – Inspiration for Organization

While blog surfing last week I landed on this idea…. I wish I would have kept track of where I saw it but I did not.

The person had taken a wooden mug holder commonly used in the kitchen and turned it into a ribbon holder. I mentally filed the idea away but had no real intention of acting on it right away.

Later that week I had about an extra 20 minutes to stop at a thrift store and what did I find but this beat up mug holder. I snatched it up for .99 and headed home with it. Later that night I got out my spray paint and turned it into this:

Here it is with some of the ribbon I could find…I have no idea where my basket of ribbon has gotten to. I need to organize my laundry room badly.

But the laundry room will have to wait as I am using my new ribbon holder as an inspiration to FINALLY get around to turning this beauty of the desk unit into a functional crafty studio/home organization desk.

Wish me luck – I need it. I will not tell you how long this desk has been in transition from my hubby to me but trust me it is overdue to be completed!

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2 thoughts on “Ribbon Holder – Inspiration for Organization

  1. That is a great idea. Thanks for sharing. I see those all the time at yardsales and thrift stores and never knew what to do with them.

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