Wisconsin Dells – Day 3

We spent a couple of days up at the Dells…we had fun…spent too much money…ate well…. and made new friends. All in all it was a good time, but three days was more than enough in a very commercialized tourist town. Next year back to a nature focused vacation.

Will be blogging more about days 1 and 2 and the great little vintage Motel we stayed at …but today the focus is on our last day there.

From the moment we were awake the kiddos wanted to go swimming at the hotel pool, we spent all morning there diving off the diving board (a favorite of my kiddos since most of the pools we go to has no diving board). Both kiddos have become very good swimmers, princess used her noodle to help jump off the diving board but eventually gave that up and swam with no help after diving in.

We were blessed with beautiful sunny weather during the entire trip… a little chilly the first couple of days and this day the warmest of all with a high of 80.

We thought we would do one more “fun” activity before leaving the city. So we headed over to Pirate’s Cove Golf and Fun Center.

We had a great time golfing the toughest of the 18 hole courses… even little princess did a fairly good job given the difficulty of the holes. Both the kiddos loved it.

My little swashbucklers

loved all the flowers they had blooming…

stay tuned for the second part of this visit to the adventure center…

So do you like vacations in tourist town with a lot of commercial type activities to do or do you prefer the quiet, calm and serene nature focused vacations? What has been your best family vacation destination?


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