Wisconsin Dells – Day 2; the rest of the story

After the Exploratory we went back to the Black Hawk Motel to swim until it was time to get ready to go back to Tommy Bartlett for the water ski show. We had some great neighbors in our motel in which their grandson and our boy became fast friends. Luckily, they had headed back to the motel at the same time and the kiddos were able to have a couple of hours playing in the pool and I was able to have some great conversation with Katherine, the friend’s grandmother (not much older than me). These pics are from the motel’s web site;

The kids went back and forth between the outdoor pool, indoor pool and hot tub. They even enjoyed a taste of the sauna to warm up in.

After a fun afternoon of swimming we headed over to The Tommy Bartlett Greatest Show on H2O.  The kiddos loved watching the show and the water skiers.

This was a very entertaining show which kept the kids interest.  The best part, which I don’t have a picture of, was watching my sons face when he saw the water skier jump through the flames at the end of the ramp.  I could see the little wheels turning in my boy’s head trying to figure out how the guy had done that without getting burnt. 

However, do you know what the best part was according to my kiddos,  (drum roll please….)

That’ right…. the juggler;

all in all, a good value for your buck. The show kept the interest of the kiddos throughout which as most of you parents know is not an easy thing to do.


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