Thanksgiving 2010 & a stupid computer

So I have not been posting much to this little blog of mine, not because we have not done anything over the last month but because this silly computer keeps crashing on me every few minutes.  However, since Friday it has been working pretty much ok…what gives?  I liken it to when it is time for a haircut, you have “bad” hair everyday for a week, make an appointment and then your looks great for the next couple of days before the haircut.  Does that ever happen to you? 

So anyway, so many things to be grateful for.  My hubby, my kiddos, this great land of ours and the people who protect it, that we have a loving God who loves us no matter what!  Also, a personal one for me, my weight loss this year.  I did go on vacation this month and gained 10 lbs back but yesterday I jumped back on the low carb bandwagon, and had a terrific low carb feast! Now I am focused again to be in my induction phase for the month of December.

Our low carb feast included roasted turkey, Jolly Green Beans, Twice Baked cauliflower casserole and Pumpkin cheesecake. The cheesecake is more delish on the second day after chilling, so if you plan on making it I would make it ahead of time.   Click on the item for the recipe.


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