Happy New Year!

So anyway, I have been gone for a month.  Not literally, just from this blog.  It all started this fall when my computer kept re-booting with error messages.  Something about bad drivers, etc.  Well, it finally crashed completely at the beginning of December… Hubby did get a new computer going and it is slowly getting back up to speed.  Still need to re-install my Silhouette and printer and then I might get back to crafting too! 

2010 has been a good year and hopefully 2011 will follow suit.   I don’t know the direction I want this little blog to take, it will still probably be mostly a family journal but maybe I will post more about my diet efforts and other goals I have planned for myself. 

Speaking of diets I was able to lose about 70 pounds last year  and hope to continue down that path.  I have put a lot back on this past couple of weeks but will be jumping back on the bandwagon tomorrow.  I am following the Atkins diet as that seems to be the only plan that really works for my body.  

The other goal I have for myself this year is to read more novels.  I read blogs, I read magazines, I read books for my work but no fun novels… That is going to change this year.  I have already requested through our library 10 of Amazon’s top 100 books for 2010.  Even if I only get around to reading 10  that is 10 more than last year.  Here is the link to the customer favorites that I am getting my suggestions from, Amazon Customer Top 100 Books for 2010.

The other goals will be to craft, make thrifty buys and continue to declutter the house.


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