Post a Day? Post a Week?

WordPress has a challenge to post a day or a week and they will help you keep track…

Hmm, could I really post every day? Maybe. Maybe, when you think about it a one word post still qualifies as a post… what if this computer crashes though. I like th challenge of attempting to post every day but would I really stick with it? probably not…. decisions, decisions… what should I do ….

Looks like it will be a post a week…. At least we will give it a try. 🙂

Lately I have been enjoying reading centered text on other blogs…. going to give that a try here too! 

One of these days I might actually figure out how to use different fonts as well! 

So anyway, have a great day and if you are a blogger take up the wordpress challenge to post every day or at least once a week.  


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