Red Velvet Cupcakes

I found this website while surfing blog land this weekend, Ming Makes Cupcakes. You have to visit to see the beautiful and delish sounding cupcakes she has showcased there.

I have promised my team at work that I will be bringing in the cake, or cupcakes, to celebrate our birthdays this year. As one of my teammates has a birthday today, I needed to come up with what to make… I decided on the Red Velvet cupcakes for this month. Every birthday this year I hope to use one of the recipes of Ming’s to try them all out, or at least most of them.

Here is a picture (taken tonight so the light is not that great) of the final outcome… Of course, I had to taste test one and it tasted great. They should be even better tomorrow. Oh well, the diet was already blown for the day thanks to lunch at Texas Road House. Their bread gets me every time!

Do you have a favorite cupcake recipe or cupcake blog you follow?


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