Busy Summer


It has been a while since I have updated, guess my new love Pinterest is taking up all my free computer time, what little their is.

I think too, I have been unmotivated.  I have changed the look of my blog several times to try to find my motivation.

I sort of like this one but the yellow on the side  is  a bit too bright for me.

I am the same way with day planners, usually changing every few months to stay motivated to use it,

I think I read somewhere where that is a right brain dominant issue.

So here is an updated family photo… my little lovies who take up all my other spare time.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday, full of sunshine and fun.

So anyway, do you Pin? If so, leave a link so I can follow you and if you don’t and want an invite let me know that too, I will try to figure out how to do that;I think I have a few invites that I can pass out.


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