Menu Plan Monday

I have been trying to do low carb for a year and half now…. had success with a 70 lb weight loss, then regained about 25 lb back and now have lost 10 of those lbs over the last couple of weeks.

The key for me is sticking to a low carb diet and exercise.

I still feed my kiddos the carbs, though and the hubby is happy to eat the meat but stays away from the sugar free concoctions for the most part.

I have found quite a few good low carb recipe recipes, which I will share with you today.

Day 1 – Scallops sauted in butter and scallions with a bit of garlic

Day 2 – Hot Dogs  (no bun for me) It is a a busy day with only 45 min in between activities for us.

Day 3 – Margarita Grilled Pork Tenderloins This is becoming a family favorite, you will not be disappointed!

Day 4 –Heroin Chicken I will modify it to use with Chicken Breast Tenderloins.  In case the kids ask what it is called, I think I will change the name to Hero Chicken.

Day 5 – Left overs

That’s it! Have a fun week!

Sharing over at, hop on over to see other meal planning ideas.

Margarita Grlled Pork Tenderloin


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