Menu Plan Monday

Reviewing my list from last  week it appears that I did actually get around to making everything.

Actually the  hero chicken is in the oven while we speak. Checking my spice drawer I did not have, or could not fine the parsley and paprika so I substituted tarragon and BBQ spice mix for those  items.

So on to this week…

Day 1 – Cheesy Cauliflower Ham Casserole

Day 2 – Grilled Salmon

Day 3 – Cheesy Beef Bake

Day 4 – Breakfast for Dinner; Baked Egg

Day 5 – Cheesebuger Quiche

and the treat I made for the kiddos this week is . . .

Nutella Cupcakes

Warning… these are not low carb…. I was good I just did a tiny taste test! One kiddo loved them, the picky kiddo did not… My taste test says they are yummy!!

Hope everyone has a terrific week!


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