Thrifty Find

It’s time to share a thrifty buy or two from the last week…

This one is a great find… finding them all around blog land and lucked into it at GW  this past week.   A fellow thrifty shopper found it in my basket and commented how lucky I was to find it, that she had been looking for one for month.  Ha, right time, right place…

Here is the beauty… I have the perfect spot for it in our family room on a side table.   The little one is from Target from their $ 1.00 spot, I believe.   I do plan on hitting her with a little black spray paint for her wood base.  She is in great shape, glad to have found this.    A little more than I generally spend at $ 6.99.   Did a little research and they are currently selling on ebay, etsy and other sites for a low of $ 20.00 up to $ 50.00.  I love how the mountain ranges are raised on it.

Sorry the pics are not better but they were taken with my cell.

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Thrifty Treasures

I was able to sneak away to GW yesterday as I was on a run for some garden soil to plant some rose bushes.  I also dropped off two huge bags of stuff collected in my de-cluttering attempt.

Here are the treasures I found:

I was drawn to this picture at first due to the frame but then the actual painting started growing on me.  I think it will be a start to a gallery inspired wall leading up to our upstairs.

Close up of the painting …  Anyone ever heard of oil painting by La Bonte’ ?

An IKEA framed print…. found a home hanging under our breakfast bar.

A sweet little white eyelet shirt for my girl.

And a nifty little pair of wedge sandal’s for moi.

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Thrifty Thursday

I am participating in Thrifty Thursday over at Tales from Blogeritaville… (Can’t figure out how to post the button link) Here is the link to visit her to find other thrifty posts.

Now don’t be too jealous of this find for $ 1.99 at GW – Don’t know who originally sold them but wish I could find a couple more for GW cost. The body of the pear is a plastic resin type material and comes across as a delicious crackle finish in cream. Love the leaves which are a silver/pewter material.

Resin Cream Crackle Pear with Pewter Leaves

Resin Cream Crackle Pear with Pewter Leaves

Close up of the leaves and stem

Close up of the leaves and stem

Here it is in current resting place.

Fall Decorating

Fall Decorating

Finally a little bit of fall decorating accomplished!