Top Three Awesome Things this past week. . .

1.  I signed up for this house party…was not chosen.  😦    However, in the mail on Monday was a $ 100 coupon from Keurig for this brewer.  Happy Birthday to me, my new Keurig should arrive any day for a cost of only $ 50.00.   I have only turned into a regular coffee drinker in the past month or so.  Can’t wait for it to arrive, I have already purchased my coffee supply, now I just need the brewer.

2. The cutest little zombies, ever!  Dressed up for spirit week at school.  Yes, zombie day is an eyebrow raiser but they did have a rule of no blood.

Two little zombies and a zombie ferret

Two little zombies and a zombie ferret

3.  Hooray, I am back to blogging, after a year and half rest.


Scrabble Sunday

Today we played our first official Family game of Scrabble.  Little girl found it boring but hung in there, both kiddos needed a little help but overall except for listening to the whining (ha, ha) I had fun!   This is what we ended up with:

I ended up winning, little girl second, daddy third and the boy came in last by three points.  Some tears were shed over that one, I think someone was overtired by this weekends activities.

I have let them know this will become a  Sunday afternoon tradition, we will see if that holds true.

It has also inspired me to work on my game board wall in our family room.   Once I get it done will post pictures.  In the meantime I am working on a large terrarium. Will post more on that soon too!

Guess who came up with nag?

Does your family enjoy scrabble?  What ages did your kiddos really get into it?

So anyway, till next time…. Beth

Happy Golden Birthday

My precious baby girl is having her Golden B-day today.   This picture was taken this morning… she is taking a cupcake cake to school for her birthday snack today. 

We will probably take her to her favorite resturant, McDonald’s after school.  She will be thrilled, me and her daddy will have fun watching her!  She loves her chicken nuggets! 

The real party will be on Saturday…lot’s to do between now and then.   

Daughters are angels
Sent from above
To fill our heart
With unending love

I Heart Faces – Winter Wonderland

This is a picture of my son dropping snow in front of him… he had been playing on a sidewalk in front of a store while we were waiting for his dad to come out… No coat but gloves…. a snowball fight between him and his sissy soon followed… love how if you take the time you can make a mundane task of waiting fun…. It was fun for me, we had the camera with us and I got some other great shots that day as well.  

Head on over to I Heart Face to see some other fabulous entries.

Madison Children’s Museum

We have a new Children’s Museum in our town, which we checked out today.  They had a special admission price of $ 1.00 which made it an attractive deal.

The kiddos and us had a blast.  A lot of different interactive things to do and a roof top garden to boot!

The water gazebo has water flowing from the top down gutters into troughs that the kiddos can play with by scooping and filling containers.  It also has something that makes cool steam for the kiddos to play in.  An obvious hit with the kiddos.  The boy also dunked the top of his head in the water and sported a spiky hair look for awhile.

Before getting to the water gazebo the kiddos and I had to make our way across a dinosaur bone bridge. 

Next up was a slide… Look at the beautiful wood here… I had some fleeting thoughts about how we could do this in our house… just look at the beauty of the this wood, it is gorgeous.

Not only good looking wood but fun too!  Could you imagine getting to slide downstairs every morning and using a rope to help climb upstairs, all while admiring a gorgeous piece of wood.   Yeah, like I said a fleeting thought…

After that the kiddos made their way to the hamster wheel.

Next on the tour is the dragon lair???  A climbing apparatus which reminded me of old time bird cages but the slide down was a dragon (with a saddle on it?)  Stay tuned for a picture coming up soon…

Going up….

The bird cage …

And here is the dragon riding cow girl princess…

Next on the adventure was table play, they have a model city made out of wood that the kiddos can put together…(think train table but on a grander scale).

Love this replica of the capitol building

The princess loved  pretending that she was driving this little cart. 

Lots of fun little things to sit in and pretend, such as this old fashioned car replica.  Oh, look at the floor in this room… is that not to die for?  One of the recommended links is to an aritcle which states it was recycled from a gym in the Milwaukee

I LOVED this mural in the art studio section… Mostly made out of bottle caps with kiddos art work glazed into the bottom of them…

The paint wall kept their attention the longest…. water, paint what is there not to love.  (oh, except the boys white T-shirt when he was done.   What is it with the boy and white t’s -they are doomed the day he first wears them!)   🙂

This  mural is found by the elevator on the roof top garden.

The boy looking down at the street from the roof top.

The roof top class room area:

The roof top garden was my favorite area:

The final highlight was this water sculpture/exhibit where columns of water will shoot/balance balls into the wire holders eventually moving them to the center down a swirling column of water.  Water and kids seems like a winning exhibit.

Click here for more information concerning The Madison Children’s Museum.

Back to School

Wow, this is my 150th post. Shocking too me!  I am getting more comfortable understanding how to do things with this little blog of mine.    To the point that it is sort of fun vs. a learning experience every time I try to post something.  Up till last week I have been creating every post in HTML and did not have the visual editor on.  Man it is so much easier with the visual editor.  I still have a LOT to learn though!

So anyway, to get back to the post at hand.  It was a back to school week this past week.  We survived and the kiddos actually made it to school on the bus 2 out of 3 days.  Each day they were able to eat breakfast not being too rushed as well.  One week down, too, too many more weeks to go.

Wednesday we were able to wake up in time, groggily, to get dressed and me to make a pancake and sausage breakfast for the kiddos.  Here they are enjoying a chocolate milk cheer to the new school year.

The princess wore a Gymboree Whale Dress and her light pink croc shoes. (Crocs are quite popular with the kiddos at my house). Her new backpack is from Gap Kids.

The reason why we went with a Gap Kids backpack for princess this year is that the boy has been using his for 4 years now, daily, and it still is not showing signs of wear. The princess’ backpacks have been lucky to last 6 months. His shirt was found at Gap Kids as well. Both of the kiddsos ready for school.  Do you know how hard it is for kiddos to stand with their hands at their sides and smile?

Here comes the bus!  Yippee!  The kids actually caught the bus once this year….last year after Christmas break we seemed to need that extra 10 minutes every day and the ended up missing the bus more than not.

Bye kiddos!  Hope you have a great day and a great school year…. me, I was off to the gym!  (one month of not working out. Boy, was I sore the next day!)

I dreamed I stood in a studio and watched two sculptors there, The clay they used was a young child’s mind, and they fashioned it with care One was a teacher, the tools he used were books, music, and art; One was a parent, who worked with a guiding hand, and a gentle, loving heart. Day after day the teacher toiled, with a touch that was deft and sure While the parent labored by her side and polished and smoothed it o’er. And then at last their task was done, They were proud of what they had wrought, for the things they had molded into the child could never be sold or bought. And each agreed they would have failed if he had worked alone, For behind the teacher stood the school and behind the parent, the home.    – Author unknown

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