Thrifty Find

It’s time to share a thrifty buy or two from the last week…

This one is a great find… finding them all around blog land and lucked into it at GW  this past week.   A fellow thrifty shopper found it in my basket and commented how lucky I was to find it, that she had been looking for one for month.  Ha, right time, right place…

Here is the beauty… I have the perfect spot for it in our family room on a side table.   The little one is from Target from their $ 1.00 spot, I believe.   I do plan on hitting her with a little black spray paint for her wood base.  She is in great shape, glad to have found this.    A little more than I generally spend at $ 6.99.   Did a little research and they are currently selling on ebay, etsy and other sites for a low of $ 20.00 up to $ 50.00.  I love how the mountain ranges are raised on it.

Sorry the pics are not better but they were taken with my cell.

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Our Front Door

Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam,
Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.
John Howard Payne

Our Front Door

Side view leading up to the front steps

The morning glory has really taken off this year … last year it did not do too well.  I think I need to trim it up but in a couple of weeks when we are hit with the first frost it will be gone.  Oh, and the arrangement took a beating yesterday in a wind storm, I hastily put it back together… I am thinking of some sort of Halloween wreath to hang.

I want to do something to jazz up the stairs… I am thinking of paint or tile or something. Any ideas/suggestions?   What do you think about the house numbers or our monogram or ‘welcome’ above the door on the wood transom?

I am attending a Saturday night blog party for the first time over at Funky Junk Interiors, I found the blog for the first time a week or so ago… a lot of cute ideas over there.   Come hop with me to check it out.

Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special

Thrifty Wall Key Display

Look at what I did for less than $ 10.00.

A key vignette of thrifty finds.

This baby is from Hobby Lobby super duper clearance.  $ 1.27 originally $ 18.00.  It WAS is good shape (until my daughter played with it).  She broke it.  It  is made of a plastic resin material, I thought I had hot glued it back together but when I went to hang it, it fell apart.  After a couple more tries I gave up with the glue and just taped it back together.  I used clear packing tape and I had a black paint pen I painted over it.  Looks pretty good, you have to really look close to notice it.

A GW find.  It is the most expensive at $ 3.99 but it was keys and at the time I thought I would do something crafty with only the keys but I have decided I like this piece the way it is.  It was originally sold by Target, 1 in a series of 4.   Does anyone have the set?  Or have seen it in blog land anywhere?

This little treasure was such an ugly duckling when I found it at GW for $ 2.99.  It was originally sold by World Bazaar and in the ugliest reddish brown color shadowbox frame.  The keys were just glued to a piece of plain wood (even the glue was showing.  Ugly, but I have no before pics – sorry.    A little can of black spray paint fixed the frame right up.  I used my hair dryer to get the keys unstuck from the piece of wood.   Found  a lovely piece of scrapbook paper and covered that plain wood right up.  When I repositioned the keys they were off a bit and I thought I should add something to the center.  HOME was it … a few more supplies from my scrapbook stash and viola.  Much prettier wall art than how it was originally sold.

These two little shadow boxes came from IKEA years ago… I have never been able to find a home for them until now.   I forget h0w much they cost but not much and since they have just been collecting dust for at least the last 5 -6 years they are happy to finally have a home.

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