Anticipating a difficult day today…

I need a lot of positive thoughts today…

Something I am not looking forward to happening will take place today…

It is nothing earth shattering but just will have to deal with a situation I have not had to deal with for awhile…

So I am concentrating on this…

Being negative is easy.

 There will always be a downside to everything good,

 a hurdle to everything desirable,

 a con to every pro.

 The real courage is in finding the good in what you have,

 the opportunities in every hurdle,

the pros in every con.” 

 Carolyn Hax

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Ever feel like you are going in circles?

A schematic view of a turbo roundabout

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Entertaining video… if you live around these things you know what a pain they can be.  In our state they seem to being going up whenever an intersection is under construction.  We don’t only have single roundabouts but double and triple ones too!  Talk about confusing….

Hope Aunt Lois did not die! 


Do you like roundabouts or do you get nervous like me when you see you are approaching one? Ever get stuck on one?

So what made you HAPPY this week?

Three rubber ducks in foam bath

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My word of the year is Happy – trying to find the happy in the little things.   Because the little things are what really makes us happy!

Today got off to a rough start… that is probably what happens to most people who stay up till 3AM working on a work project that you are stressed about.  oh well, the kiddos had three friends over last night while I was gone, the hubby not too good at asking kiddos to clean up before they leave and I was hit with a mess here and a mess there….. not a big deal if I had probably gotten more sleep!  However, …

Oh well, the day did get better… but it has still been one of those lazy days where I had no motivation to get anything done… I did get a couple of chapters read in the book I am reading, Water for Elephants…. good book! 

So anyway where did I find my Happy today?  In a nice hot (and I mean hot – I know there not the best for dry winter skin but so worth it)  bubble bath this evening…. Seemed to make the whole day much better and now looking forward to a going to a friend’s house for dinner…

So, my Happy for the week?

Friday – I FINALLY got to the gym for my water aerobics class!

Thursday – I FINALLY got my Silhouette software installed on my new computer… more on this story later.

Wednesday – In trying to find the software CD for the Silhouette FINALLY organized a whole bunch of paperwork from my desk and in general got a LOT of junk thrown out!

Tuesday – A project I was working on that I had dreaded doing for over a week, just clicked and I breezed through it.

Monday –  Was able to organize my thoughts for the project I was working on, which made me feel much better about it. 

Sunday – Baking Red Velvet Cupcakes (for work) and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip muffins for the kiddos snack day at school.

Last Saturday – Helping make bead bracelets with 4 little princesses!

So that is my HAPPY for the last week in review.  Was there other things, yes, was there bigger things, probably but these are the things that came to mind about this week.  Focusing on the HAPPY! 

What little thing made you happy this week?