Top Three Awesome Things this past week. . .

1.  I signed up for this house party…was not chosen.  😦    However, in the mail on Monday was a $ 100 coupon from Keurig for this brewer.  Happy Birthday to me, my new Keurig should arrive any day for a cost of only $ 50.00.   I have only turned into a regular coffee drinker in the past month or so.  Can’t wait for it to arrive, I have already purchased my coffee supply, now I just need the brewer.

2. The cutest little zombies, ever!  Dressed up for spirit week at school.  Yes, zombie day is an eyebrow raiser but they did have a rule of no blood.

Two little zombies and a zombie ferret

Two little zombies and a zombie ferret

3.  Hooray, I am back to blogging, after a year and half rest.


2011 – My word for the year

hap·py[ háppee ]ADJECTIVE
1. feeling pleasure: feeling or showing pleasure, contentment, or joy
“happy smiling faces”
2. causing pleasure: causing or characterized by pleasure, contentment, or joy
“a happy childhood”
3. satisfied: feeling satisfied that something is right or has been done right
“Are you happy with your performance?”
4. willing: willing to do something
“I’d be only too happy to help.”
5. fortunate: resulting unexpectedly in something pleasant or welcome
“a happy coincidence”
6. tipsy: slightly drunk ( informal )
7. used in greetings: used in formulae to express a hope that somebody will enjoy a special day or holiday
“Happy birthday!”
8. too ready to use something: inclined to use a particular thing too readily or be too enthusiastic about a particular thing ( used in combination )

Things I Love Thursday

Surfed upon a new to me blog party today over at The Diaper Diaries… blog about something you love.  Actually that is mostly what I do, my kiddos!  But it is fun to share some products and things that work for you and you love.

In the fashion area these pants I love!!!! For you curvy girls you may want to give them a try, they are the best fitting pants I have had in a very long time.  I found these one day while thrifting…  practically brand new and in my “new” size (thanks to my dieting).  I am kind of (not really) sad now because they have become too big due to the diet…but I have now bought a smaller size pair in black.  I am in love with these pants… plus, I get a ton of compliments in them. 
The Gap –modern boot denim trouser

I love these pants!!!

Shared over at Photobucket. Surf on over to see what others are crunching on this week!

Disclaimer: No compensation received to write this review… just my opinion…